Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gmail Multiple Inbox Users: How to create an autoresponse for one gmail account but not all accounts

I was surprised to learn that the vacation response option in Gmail isn't configurable for users who use the "multiple inboxes" (mail>settings>multiple inboxes) to centralize their email.

My inquiry started when my little sister asked how she could set up an auto-response on ONLY one of her email accounts, but not all of them. Nicole, who is scheduled to be induced this week (very excited), has a master (or centralized) gmail account which she uses for her personal email, work email and other emails via the "Multiple Inboxes" feature within gmail.

Although Multiple Inboxes is one of the best way to get a single view into all your email accounts, this configuration won't play nicely with the "vacation response" option (mail>settings>general) that comes standard with Gmail (not a labs feature). The issue is that the vacation response is generated for ALL emails hitting your inbox.

NOTE: The one exception that you can configure it to "Only send a [vacation] response to people in my Contacts" under mail>settings>general tab... and this exception doesn't solve for the multiple inbox configuration.

So during my research I figured that the only way to set this up was through a two step process...

1) that requires uses to enable "canned responses" in google labs for gmail (mail>settings>labs tab) and

2) the use of "filters" (mail>settings>filters tab).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The modern small business should be able to move seamlessly between office, home, and mobile using the best tools available on the web. [Google Apps'] Gmail account provides a great solution for routing your business e-mail address into what is essentially a web-based Outlook client; one that is universally synced across all devices, and offers far better storage, search, and customization features.

The following link from Amex's Open Small Business Forum gives you a step-by-step instructions on setting up Google Apps Gmail for your Domain (i.e.: get your own company domain name for web and email - &

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rich text gmail signatures now available but HTML is still missing so Blank Canvas still works for me

Google's Rich Text Signature

Blank Canvas' GMail Signature with HTML